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Indoor Activities to Keep Your Pooch Active and Engaged When it’s too HOT to Play Outside

25 August; Author: The Paw Print

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.36.15 AM

Google predicts that only one day this week will top out below the triple digits here in sunny Arizona. While that might sound nice to some people that enjoy being outside in the sun with the hot sun on their backs, but what about our furry friends. How do they feel about the ‘dog days of summer’?

Since we can’t exactly ask them and expect a verbal yay or nay, we’ll assume that being outside for extended amounts of time is not only uncomfortable for most pets, but can also be dangerous. Luckily, there are other things you can do with your pet to keep them energized and entertained indoors. Keep your pet from feeling cooped up in the house by trying a few of these fun indoor activities.

5 Fun-Filled Indoor Activities for Dogs  

  1. Play Hide-the-Treat

Indoor games are a great way to keep your pet from feeling inactive indoors. Try hiding their favorite treat in an inconspicuous place in the home. Offer hints and positive feedback when they find your simple hiding place. Since you might not want to give your dog too many treats in one day, consider breaking up the treat into smaller pieces so the game can last longer than a few minutes. It’s a great idea to encourage indoor exercise for your pets!

  1. Take them to a pet-friendly location around town – but make sure there’s not a lot of outdoor time for your pet

Do you have any restaurants or stores that allow pets in your town or city (make sure they are allowed inside the restaurant)? Take your dog to a pet-friendly place just to get out of the house. Be sure to use air conditioning, bring extra water for your pet and never leave them in the car alone. This is dangerous for many reasons. If you are from the Phoenix area, here is an article that gives you dog-friendly options around the city.

  1. Spoil them with new pet toys

While going along with #2, you might want to take your pet out a pet-friendly store and have him or her pick out a few new indoors play toys. This will get your dog out of the house and give them hours of enjoyment to follow. Some people use pet strollers or booties to keep their pet’s paws off the hot concrete. This is something to consider when your pet will be traveling from one cool place to the other – even if it’s just for a minute or two.      

  1. Invite a furry friend over to play

Does your dog have a furry friend they might like to have a play date with? Just like you might meet up with a pet at the park, consider inviting them over to your house. This could be a little bit more complicated (especially if the pet likes to mark his or her territory in homes), but it could end up being loads of fun and exercise for both dogs. This tip might not work for everyone. It’s a good one to keep in mind for two dogs who are the best of friends.

  1. Take your dog to an indoor doggy daycare center

Some dogs are more social than others. If your dog is one that enjoys being around other pets, this could be the perfect way to get them socialization without having to spend hours at a pet park (it might be too hot outside for that) or in the backyard barking at the neighbor’s dog.   

Have fun and we hope you can beat the heat and still provide some fun for your dog!

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 ‘International Cat Day’ Should be Every Day of the Year – #SimonSays

12 August; Author: The Paw Print


It’s been a little while since I’ve written for the blog and I feel purrrfectly terrible about it. I’ve been pretty busy around here with BlogPaws and another show I did with Simon called, SuperZoo. Now that those shows are over there’s just no excuse not to write to all of my furrrends to say hello.

For those of you unfamiliar with who I am, I’m Simon the cat. You can read my first blog post by clicking on this link. That post will tell you a little bit more about me! I started working with 21st Century Animal HealthCare a little while back. My furry co-worker is Sparky. So far I’ve realized that – aside from the fact that he is a dog. Sparky and I are completely opposite, but it works. Some people believe that having different personalities and traits is a difficult thing. I’m still undecided on that one. You’ll have to ask the staff here at the office. We never get into any cat/dog fights or even disagree on much. We just have different ways of doing things, that’s all. There’s really nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

Today’s post is about ‘International Cat Day’

‘International Cat Day’ is technically on August 8th. I missed writing this post on exact date this year, but I was celebrating for sure. Trust me. Everyone in the office was, too. I was most definitely getting extra love and fishy treats at the office on Monday. In fact, my main boss is from Scotland. He really appreciates a good international holiday! But this fun pet holiday got me thinking…

‘International Cat Day’ should not be one certain day of the year. It really should be every day of the year. My canine co-worker, Sparky, might not agree completely, but we don’t have to drag him into this. Don’t you think that cats deserve to be loved on and celebrated each and every day? I sure do! That’s why I’m asking you to make your love for cats known by commenting on this blog post. I will take the names of those commenting and add them to my personal petition. I haven’t figured out who to call or send the names to. I think I’ll figure that one out soon.

Just think about it. Cats work so hard to be sweet, smart, stealthy and simply purrrfect. We should be celebrated on more than one day out of the year. I know I have a great life here around the office. Don’t get me wrong. I really do. There’s no doubt about that. I’m mostly just doing this for my fellow feline friends – and for the extra treats. That would be a plus, of course. I won’t lie about that one!

Thank you for commenting to change ‘International Cat Day’ to every day of the year. I appreciate it – as do my fellow feline furrends. #SimonSays

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What 21st Century Products are in Your Home?

8 August; Author: The Paw Print

valentine-petsThe Paw Print Blog is a proud sponsor of 21st Century AnimalHealthcare, a business located in Tempe, Arizona. 21st Century AnimalHealthcare has had Essential Pet products available in PetSmart stores for over 15 years. Over the years, some of our products have inevitably changed and some have remained the same. We have our favorites, as we discussed in a previous blog post, and we have new products being announced very soon. We love what we do and are proud to be pet owners ourselves. It’s wonderful that we can work in a business that truly believes in the health and well-being of dogs and cats!

With that being said, are you a user of Essential Pet products? Do you have any favorites? We often get feedback on our Facebook page from fans that have positive comments or questions, and it really helps us determine and evaluate what is working and what is not. What Essential Pet products do you have in your home?

Whether you have a dog or a cat, we have several products to meet the needs of many furry companions. Does your dog need a hip & joint care supplement or something to help his or her coat look healthier and shinier? We’ve got you covered! By clicking on the top of this page where it reads PET PRODUCTS (or click on this link) you can find a full list of our trusted pet care products available exclusively at PetSmart sores.

If you are new to our blog and want to find out more about Essential Pet products, here is a quick list of a few posts where we talk in more detail about what products we think you might need in your home:

If you have any questions about our products or company, please feel free to contact us any time. We are here to help! We have a wide range of trusted pet care solutions. If you are looking for anything specific, send us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll let you know if we have what you are looking for. Thank you for having Essential Pet products in your home and for following our blog. We really appreciate it.

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Reasons to Love a Mixed Breed Dog

3 August; Author: The Paw Print

National Mutt Day is upon us (July 31st) and we are excited to celebrate! Why, you ask? Because any day that we can officially celebrate our pets is a great day for everyone. There are just so many reasons to love and appreciate our beautiful mixed breeds – and any pet for that matter – that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. We’ve tried our best and to help us get our point across we’ve incorporated several pictures for your enjoyment. We certainly love our mixed breed pets!

They are beautiful inside and out.

Mixed breed

 They are unique.

Dog swimming in the pool about the grab the ball

Mutts cost you less money when you first purchase them and you love them just the same! 

Doberman Mixed Breed Senior Dog with Ear perked up 

Several mixed breed dogs are rescues. That makes us feel good about saving a life. 

Group Of Dogs With Owners At Obedience Class

 We love their personalities!

Mixed breed dog three on a sofa.

Mutts are said to be healthier than pure bred dogs. 

Willing to Serve

Some people believe that mixed breeds have more common sense. 

Black mixed breed dog in water portrait

 There are simply lovable!

adorable staffordshire bull terrier puppy outdoors

Do you have a “mutt” in your home that you would like us to celebrate? Share of a picture of your pet and we’d love to post it to our almost 25K fans on Facebook. Thank you for celebrating National Mutt Day with 21st Century AnimalHealthcare and The Paw Print!

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Essential Pet Product Favorites

29 July; Author: The Paw Print

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.50.48 AM
Our trusted pet care products for dogs and cats have been available in PetSmart stores for about 15 years now – how the time flies. Here at the office in Tempe, we have our favorites that we give our pets and don’t plan to stray from those staples. Whether you have an older pet that could be on the brink of developing joint issues or a cat that suffers from excessive hairballs, we have products with formulations that can help. 21st Century Essential Pet products for dogs and cats offer solutions to many health care issues and needs.

Our Favorite Essential Pet Care Products Include:

  1. Essential Pet Hot Spot Spray is available for dogs and cats and is great to have handy around the house. It is a favorite among many pet people to help with dry skin irritations, itching and scratching. It offers fast relief that dogs and pet owners truly appreciate. Call this product a keeper!


  1. To help remove dirt and dissolve wax buildup from dog’s ears we use Essential Pet Clean Ear Cleansing Liquid. It works great and is very popular for many dog owners, including ourselves. We have several products for dog ear and eye care. If there is something else you are looking for, take a look here:


  1. Cats are natural self-groomers. In this self-grooming process, they ingest hair which can build up and cause hairballs. While cat’s have a natural ability to expel this ingested hair, brushing and supplementation with Essential Pet Hairball Soft Chews may help support this process.


  1. Hip and Joint care for ageing dogs is important. Are you currently using a joint supplement for dogs? Try Hip & Joint Mega-Max Care Soft Chews to support joints and mobility. A soft chew is an easy way to give your pet a rewarding treat that they will easily consume and enjoy.


  1. Does your pet show signs of stress? We have a product that offers calming support called Pet-EZE Soft Chews for Dogs. The next time you think your pet will be put in a stressful situation, start to give him or her a calming supplement a few days before and during the event to support their anxiety levels.


  1. If your pet is in need of a food supplement for pregnant or lactating dogs, try Essential Pet Milk Replacer for Dogs. Our milk replacer is designed to meet the nutritional needs of young puppies being weaned from their mother, or bottle-fed puppies progressing to solid foods. Give it a try!


We are curious about what you have in your cabinet? Do you have a favorite Essential Pet product that you simply can’t do without? Tell us more on our Facebook page. We’d enjoy hearing from you!

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All About the Labrador Retriever

25 July; Author: The Paw Print

Sweet little Lab puppy sitting in a bucket wearing a red hanky with a blue background.

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States. Maybe it’s because of how friendly they are to all walks of life, how reliable they can be as assistance dogs, or how easy they are to train. Whatever the reason, for many people a Labrador is a perfect four-legged companion to have around the home for many reasons.

To celebrate this wonderful breed, we want to talk about their traits and characteristics. If you are thinking of opening up your home to a Labrador Retriever keep these facts in mind in order to be sure that a Lab is the right fit for your household. Do you already have this popular dog breed in your family? Tell us about him or her on our Facebook page. There are many things to know about the Labrador Retriever and we’ve likely missed a few. Feel free to tell us what you know! As a reminder, no two dogs are exactly alike. This is just a generalization about Labrador Retrievers.

About the Labrador Retriever:

  1. They are said to be one of the easiest breeds to train due to their intelligence level.
  2. Most Labs love attention and activity on a regular basis, especially when they are young. Taking regular walks and playing fetch is a great way to bond with and entertain a Lab.
  3. Labradors have a reputation of being good with children.
  4. Put your shoes or small toys up if you don’t want to get them chewed on. Labs love to chew things and can be relentless about it. Having ample amounts of chew toys around the home might be a helpful idea.
  5. Labradors have a big appetite and have been known to sneak food off of the counter when not properly trained not to.
  6. You’ll be able to teach this smart breed many tricks.
  7. Labs might bark or whine when they are left alone or when they don’t get what they want. They are just communicating and sometimes doing it loudly.
  8. This breed of dog will shed because they have two coats of hair. They will shed their coat twice a year.
  9. A lot of Labradors love to swim. Taking them to visit the lake to play fetch is almost always a fun activity for this type of dog.
  10. Labradors are not necessarily great guard dogs because they trust people and are often times friendly with strangers. They will, however, most likely bark at someone walking by or on the front porch.
  11. Labs can get very big in size. The average weight for female Labs is about 55-70 lbs. Males can reach up to 80-100 lbs. It is not uncommon to have an overweight Lab, since they love to consume food at impressive speed. Be sure to keep food out of their reach, except off course at their dinner time.
  12. Most Labradors have a life expectancy of about 10 to 12 years.

Thank you for being a loyal pet aficionado and 21st Century Blog follower. We hope you learned a few things about the Labrador Retriever. Please continue to follow us and let us know which breed you’d like to read about by messaging us on our Facebook page.